Besides the nutritional effect our bodies experience as a result of eating food and wine, the full expression of sharing food and wine is reflected in the emotional nourishment we all experience before, during and after eating any meal. 

Humans are the only ones, who gather around the table and consciously know the power of sharing food to show affection through holidays, special events and family gatherings.

Let’s eat wine!

Drinking vs. Eating Wine

Wine is a condiment or a extension of your meal, food without wine is not complete!


Such a fun and easy read about food and wine!
The author explains with such a simple manner how to pair wines with food. And also explains wine service with an excellent approach.This winners food approach is a fun yet profound way to eat your wines with your food.
PABLO AGUILAR is the author of 2 wine and service publications and he is the publisher of LatinConnoisseur Magazine an online publication with digital worldwide distribution. READ MORE