MY MISSION -

WINE IS FOOD promotes the enjoyment of wine as a food product, and the art of pairing wine with food (with the signature WINE IS FOOD “pairing style”). WINE IS FOOD enforces the virtue of “Eating Wine Responsibly.”

My philosophy-programs allow you to learn about food+wine and also to understand the true nature of wines. 

I invite you to become my guest and learn about wines and also to appreciate wines beyond the classic relationship between wine and land. It’s innate for humans, and our duty, to seek to understand the world we live in. And, in this case, it’s my duty and life’s work to guide and help the world understand and re-establish the true nature of wine. It’s my mission to discover and share the true intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of wine. It’s food for our mind, spirit, soul, and body. The true nature of wine isn’t in the bottle but in the sharing of wine. Wine wasn’t created to be drunk but rather eaten and shared like any other food product!! I will teach you a new way of experiencing food and wine and its proper service. It is important to note that as a hospitality professional I understand that terroir, grapes, know how, and excellence in service are essential to fully enjoy and embrace the wine is food culture as a lifestyle. Wine is food main mission is to educate people about eating wine “a model for thoughtful, moderate, food-centric consumption.”

WHY+WHAT'S -

WiNEisFOOD because you smell it, savor it, chew it and swallow it. In order to realize this, an individual has to live it, experience it, feel it, eat it, and on occasion, you’ve got to make it.

When we refer to WINE IS FOOD, we’re talking about wine “the juice” (the agricultural food product). The way wine is made, or the process of wine making, DOES NOT explain the true meaning or nature of wine. Enhancing the wine experience, buying or choosing better wines based on the belief that WiNEisFOOD assists us in creating “the experience we all want and yes. need”. Seeing beyond the juice is the next step in going to the realm of how wine as a food product affects our diet, our relationships and ultimately the way we as social beings interact with each other around the dining table. When wine is eaten at the table it allows us to create, or re-create, a setting that can release the stress or the idea of being busy, bored or simply tired of our everyday activities. When wine is perceived as any other food product, you start thinking and treating wine as a fundamental staple and part of your everyday meal. And yes we can reflect ourselves in our food when we drink or eat wine.


REPEAT AFTER ME: WINE IS FOOD by Eric Asimov from the NYtimes 


WINE IS FOOD by Jake Wright

PROGRAMS -

WiNEisFOOD leads to SHARING wine, the table and experiences. The same way the vine grows deep inside the soil to bring the best nutrients. Wine brings the best out of you. It brings a concealed dimension inside you. My programs are designed bring the best out of you. I will show you how!

ROMANCING AT THE TABLE (couples) To learn more + to order please click here…

HEALING AT THE TABLE WITH YOUR FAMILY (groups and corporate) To Learn More + order click here.



MY SERVICES -

WINE IS FOOD is a movement + community that brings food, wine and the people you love TOGETHER (whether near or far) via the SOMM@HOME experience/in-home events and “winebinars” (remote events). GUIDED WINE TASTINGS  AT YOUR HOME, OFFICE OR YOUR FAVORITE PLACE.


I will assist you improving your wine lists. Will train staff to increase profitably. Will team up with your chef to develop wine dinner themes, menus and pairings. Sommelier on demand for weddings, birthdays and Celebrations, team building, 
corporate outings, executive retreats, seminars and customer appreciation events.

Want to learn more: Let me pour a glass of wine for you and let’s talk. Text, email or call me. I will be in touch with you.


After many years of wondering, learning, investigating and experiencing myself about why every human love gathering around the table. I have found that the truth is in the sharing of food at the table and it’s a real solution to most of problems of modern society. Since we are born the first thing we do is “EAT” Food and Love are directly linked and have strong emotional components. Food and sharing bring encoded messages (within us) revealing at different levels about our social relations in society. We all are connected and need each other to survive. Because all these experiences are encoded in our brain and nervous system as one event (love, nurturing), we have a natural and creative way to recreate this experience every time we share food at the table. 

I’m here to guide you to find old wisdom and solutions through this so needed vision in today’s fast-paced lifestyles. I have dissected for you the transformation that happens at the table and as a result our programs and events were born: HEALiNG AT THE TABLE + ROMANCiNG THE TABLE, LOVE MAKiNG THE TABLE Each and every one of our programs and events are a modern way to teach an age-old practice, an under the radar yet proven system that will keep you and your relationships thriving and healthier.

Understanding the power of the healing and sharing at the table and acknowledging that the life of your family depends on the food you feed and the way you serve your loved ones. 

JOiN THiS PROGRAMS – Because together, we can create invaluable and pleasurable memories, and exciting and nourishing experiences at your table to bring, spark and heal yourself and your relationships.

When we produce conscious foods (cooking) and experiences as a way of expressing our love, then food reflects that love in healthier bodies and relationships. 


About Pablo

Professional Chief Sommelier & Guide 

“I enjoy the sweet taste of serving others.”

I’m here to guide you back to heart of society — the table, ancient wisdom, and solutions that have gotten lost in the rapid pace of our lifestyles. “HEALING AT THE TABLE” is the beginning of a movement that allows for romance and healing at the table; a modern way to teach an age-old practice of building lasting connections. Understanding the power of sharing at the dining table, and acknowledging that the life of your family depends on the food you eat, and the way you serve your loved ones, matters! Together, we can create pleasurable memories and nourishing experiences at your table to bring spark and sizzle into your relationships. 

When we produce conscious foods and experiences as a way of expressing our love, then food reflects that love in healthier bodies and relationships.

Pablos says, “I serve others from my heart at a level where only virtuosity and humility can be found in the simple, yet profound act of serving at the table.”

In essence we humans are wired to share. So it’s really innate in me to share at the table, I believe that sharing food is the most intimate act we can perform.

My love for cooking and serving is the most effective way I can show my affection for others. More specifically, preparing and serving food is my love language, and how I express my love for others.

True Intimacy doesn’t begin until we have taken food from the same dish. Sharing food is natural,  no different that making love.

Besides the nutritional effect our bodies experience as a result of eating food, the full expression of sharing food is reflected in the emotional nourishment we all experience before, during and after eating any meal. 

Humans are the only ones, who gather around the table and consciously know the power of sharing food to show affection through holidays, special events and family gatherings.


Chief-Somm and Guide.




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