“Serving is one of the greatest virtues and being served is one of the greatest pleasures”

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how I can serve you well?


I will take all the stress off you completely and make you relax. While I take over and execute your wine and food event and guide you through the whole process. You can rely on me and TRUST ME whether is a small private wine tasting at the park or a high-profile corporate event in a super exclusive venue.


Building suspense, and keeping the surprise element alive without giving away your story too early in the delivery. I will keep it simple and private.  I take the surprise element very seriously because know it’s important to you and your guests.


Everything I do while serving you will nurture and please your visuals, taste buds, body and soul and of course will satisfy the most demanding palates and expectations.


It will give you total peace of mind when you see everyone having a great time and enjoying the affair to the fullest. You will feel a sense of place or belonging, when finding that every single detail has been considered in the food, wine and service execution.


I serve others from my heart at a level where only virtuosity and humility can be found in the simple yet so profound act of service at the table. What is service for me? Service is everything you would expect “AS” a customer yourself. Superb service can often salvage a mediocre dinning experience, but rarely can a superb meal be rescued by mediocre service.


We all appreciate and at times demand, EXCELLENT SERVICE, of course love experience SUPERB FOOD, and intensely enjoy GREAT SENSE OF PLACE. Here I anticipate you will find all those three together.





Abel Charlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier (Champagne, FR)

Classic sparkling coming from “Vallee De La Marne” in the center of Champagne. Abel Charlot is a well-known Champagne grower who buys the best fruit from selected vineyards to make this unique bubbly. 

Tasting Notes: Pale-straw color with fine bubbles, on the nose you find seductive minerality that reflects on the palate with elegant dry acidity notes of lime and lemon, and a lovely creamy texture.

Elio Perrone, `Moscato D’asti”, Muscat (Asti- Piedmont, IT)

Moscato d'Asti is a lightly elegant sweet sparkling wine made in and around the town of Asti, in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy.

Tasting Notes: Every time I serve this wine to my guests at Lowood they love the refreshing yet slightly fruity nature of this fussy wine. It’s a fantastic option to drink it on its own. Chablis-like in its energy, the Sourgal exudes precision and classiness throughout. White peach, orchard fruit, and flowers abound in this vivid, beautifully delineated Moscato from Stefano Perrone. Once you taste this wine your palate will decide for you.

Cleto Chiarli, ‘Lambrusco’ Lambrusco, (Emilia Romagna, IT)

So you haven’t tasted this Lambrusco? omg, you are about to embark on a truly wine experience…think of intense red and flavorful sparkling wine.

Tasting Notes: A complex structure with elegant tannins and all grape fragrances can be felt. Lots of red flowers like rose petals and dark fruit combined with orange peel. Fine bubbles and a refreshing finish.

Sigalas, ‘Santorini’ Assyrtiko (Santorini, GR)

Assyrtiko is an indigenous grape to the island of Santorini. Assyrtiko is to Greece what Albariño is to Spain, Grüner Veltliner is to Austria, or Chablis to France. Talk about beautiful sandy beaches, volcanic soils, and lovely oceanic breezes. That's exactly what you get inside the glass. Basket-trained wines...ask and I will explain! 

Tasting Notes: Bright lemon color, its nose brings a balanced acidity being the backbone of the wine. Mineral taste is a result of Santorini’s unique terroir, flavors of citrus fruits, and white fruit. Refreshing and long-lasting aftertaste.

Clos Canarelli, ‘Rosé’ Sciaccarellu (Corsica, FR)

Mediterranean in style. The oldest variety that is produced on the island. Tenacious granite-rooted vines lend a sort of wisdom and finesse to the finished cuvée. 

Tasting Notes: A vibrant nose with floral notes, stony, savory, and reminiscent of warm apricots and aromatic and refreshing expression on the palate.

La Miraja, Grignolino (Grignolino, IT)

Think of a complex rose for summer! Perfect to begin any meal, light juicy, food-friendly plus with complex tannins. Top site of Castagnole Monferrato. This wine style was way before even Barolo was on the map. It was drunk by the royals and still is. 

Tasting Notes: On the nose: cherry, raspberry, rose hip, geranium, and mushroom abound. Drink these wines through the winter. Typically chilled before serving, this wine makes for a great “winter rosé.”



Jean Foillard ‘Village’ Gamay (Beaujolais, FR)

Foillard is one of the best representatives for low intervention. This wine is one of the lightest and most fun wines you could ever drink and it's one of the best wines coming out of Beaujolais. Highly allocated. 

Tasting Notes: Simple yet complex and that's what makes this wine so special. Lightly fleshy expression with red fruit like strawberries, cherries, and dry cranberries with some wonderful texture going down.

Oddero, ‘Barbera D’Alba, Barbera (Piedmont, IT)

A variety that was neglected in the past but now world-class Italian grand cru producers use it to bring the highest land expression of La Morra in Barolo to your glass.

Tasting Notes: Concentrated red and black fruit extraction on the nose. Intense and ample with notes of raspberry, red berries, citrus fruits, and a hint of roses. The flavor is fresh and full-bodied with a soft, clean aftertaste and a slightly tannic finish.

Brand & Family Mourvedre 2019, Mourvedre (Central Coast, CA)

True farmers at heart that aren't in "the wine country" and have no trophy wineries, and yet they bring complex, savory and delicious wines on different levels and this one is just one of them. The truth is in the juice. Test and treat yourself with this one!

Tasting Notes: Have a savory meal, seared or roasted meal? This wine tantalizes your palate. Dark brambly fruits and rose petals open in your nose. Black pepper and lush fruits balance subtle savory notes. Zesty tannins and light acidity on the finish.

Remelluri Rioja Reserva, Tempranillo (Rioja, SP)

Known as the first wine farm in Rioja. Wine-Maker Telmo Rodríguez says he wants to bring the real expression of Rioja that goes back way before the French and others made their mark. Telmo's vision of the future of the estate is centered around a focus on place. The highest elevation in the region.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of dried flowers, dry cranberries and tobacco continue to the palate that is medium-to-full-bodied with firm, silky tannins and a flavorful finish. Classic style.

Lionel Faury, 90% Syrah and 10% viognier (Cote Rotie, FR)

One of the greatest wines in France. Most artisanal, hand harvested in a very steep vineyard that faces south in Côte Brune (Positioning of vineyards brings higher levels of quality to your glass). 

Tasting Notes: Classic black and red fruit nose with violets, tapenade, and black pepper. The impressively long floral-driven finish features well-knit tannins and lingering spice with rustic elegance. This is the wine style that gets me going into wine ...get it today!

Chateau Rocher Corbin, Merlot, Cab (Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, FR)

10.5 hectares are in one block, perfectly situated on the western slope of Mount Calon, the highest point in the area. This vineyard site provides maximum exposure to the sun and perfect natural irrigation with sandy soil mixed with clay. The vines average 45 years old and more than 15% of the vines are over 80 years old, and a very special patch of pre-phylloxera Merlot is 150 years old! Wines are aged for 12 to 14 months in oak, with an average of 50% new oak. 

Tasting Notes: The wines are characterized by bright fruit, fine tannins, and floral aromatics that give this wine elegance




  • Perfect for an INFORMAL wine tasting gathering.
  • Price is calculated for 6 to 16 people and for 3 hours only.
  • Wines To Pair The Food Menu will be hand picked (6-12 bottles) can be purchased at a wine shop, based on your budget, needs + themes (customized wine picks and list will be provided) we will arrange to get them delivered to your place of choice before the event.
  • I’ll bring (3) type of hors d’oeuvres to your wine tasting (will provide canape menu)
  • I will provide an excellent and personalized wine selection + education and exceptional service experience.


Cost of wine is included + the cost of some of my chosen venues is included, BUT the cost of other venues chosen by you is not – I will coordinate venues and pricing with you in advance: Duration: 3-5 hours • Perfect for a more formal gathering for 5 to 15 people.

• FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR COLLEAGUES (groups of 5 minimum and up to 15 people maximum) At the comfort of your home, office, or favorite place. Certain customized events could be longer, and bigger based on your budget.

• I provide personalized menu selection for 5 five courses: (canapés+appetizer+entree+dessert+cheese, along with recommendations on the Five (5) best wine pairings. • I provide an excellent wine + food education and exceptional service experience. Pricing includes food menu+table set up/rentals+overall service.

This event is for everyone who believes that the table is the epicenter to heal, inside and out. It offers a great opportunity to engage at different levels with family, business, health, healing, and great food + wine. Formal and informal themes are available.

These events will begin with a reception, featuring passed canapes and wines. Your guests will have the opportunity to mingle with guest speakers, such as healthcare professionals, coaches, farmers, etc. I will prepare a multi-course meal menu with products and ingredients to address the topic of the evening, along with wine pairing – featuring the WINE IS FOOD pairing style.

• Gratuities are always welcome.

  • UPGRADES: We have partnered with the best venues and vendors in your city to make of your affair the most amazing, memorable, delicious, and unexpected experience. To inquire more information, availability, locations, prices, upgrades, and ideas, Please fill out the form below with details.




     (cost of wine/beverages is included):

COUPLES ONLY • Duration of event 1 hour • Perfect for a romantic semi-formal gathering. • Once you choose the menu/foods + beverages + the physical location for your date, all you got to do is show up to the “specified” spot with your date and enjoy it. • Your table setting includes blankets + candles + proper utensils: plates + folks + knives + glassware. Your menu includes a selection of 3 different hors d’oeuvres, along with chosen wine/beverage pairings and 1 wine pairing. • I will meet you there with the table ready and set for you. • Please clean up the area used and place all accessories back inside your container/box and take it with you.



(cost of location/wine/beverages is included) + Perfect for a romantic semi-formal gathering. • COUPLES ONLY • Duration of event: 2 hours • Table setting includes: candles + china + silver + glassware + themed accessories based on your request(s). • Menu Selection: 1 Hors d’oeuvres + 1 Entree +1 Dessert • Three (3) wine-pairings. • Excellent wine selections + Exceptional service experience. education. • Once the location is chosen all you got to do is show up at the “specified” spot with your date and enjoy it and I will take care of the rest.

Romancing at the table will allow you to share yourself with the people you love in a totally unconventional manner at the most memorable locations with incredibly delicious food and beverages, and yes! with the highest standards in service.


This is “the most romantic moment” you both have been waiting for all your lives. imagine this: Your sweetheart and you are walking under the moonlight, then you arrive at a pre-planned public romantic setting where all the candles are lit and are the background for your marriage proposal. Hand her a bouquet of flowers after she accepts your proposal. Immediately after you have dinner and you both go happily ever after.

UPGRADES: We have partnered with the best venues and vendors in your city to make of your affair the most amazing, memorable, delicious, and unexpected experience. To inquire more information, availability, locations, prices, upgrades, and ideas, Please fill out the form below with details.


UPGRADES: We have partnered with the best venues and vendors in your city to make of your affair the most amazing, memorable, delicious, and unexpected experience. To inquire more information, availability, locations, prices, upgrades, and ideas, Please fill out the form below with details.

• Gratuities are always welcome.

Please Book My Sommelier Guided Wine Tasting

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Unique and super easy read!
Pablo explains with such a simple manner how to enjoy wines as food and how to pair them with food. He explains wine service passionately at an excellence level, and from a fine dining and humble server’s perspective. This unique’s pairing and experience approach brings a fun but yet profound way to eat your wines with your food at the leisure of your own home with the people you love and respect.

Finally he enforces the virtues habit of “Eating Wine Responsibly.” the nutritional effect our bodies experience as a result of eating food and wine, the full expression of sharing food and wine is reflected in the emotional nourishment we all experience before, during and after eating any meal. 

Humans are the only ones, who gather around the table and consciously know the power of sharing food to show affection through holidays, special events and family gatherings.

Let’s share and eat wine!

Drinking vs. Eating Wine

Wine is a condiment or a extension of your meal, food without wine is not complete!




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