INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF iSERVE CONSULTING SERVICES COLLABORATORS We wanted to find out what good service meant for different people or professionals in this industry and we decided to start with the workforce of this field. Our first interview took place in NYC, the restaurant capital of the world. The Beatrice Inn – Steak House Best Steak House 2018 by the NYTimes – Red Meat and Respect – Service Director. Henry Aguilar is a restaurant and service specialist his pedigree ranges working at the best French restaurants to currently being the service director at one of the best steak houses in history. He also has worked for legendary Chef such as: “Alain Ducasse” which is a four star restaurant in Manhattan. He is from Ecuador and with no surprise this man is one of hundreds of very qualified servers that represent part of the spectrum in the workforce in this business atet are teaching and leaving a legacy of excellence in service and discipline. He says: Service is a very important but a fragile segment in this industry and thanks to these professionals the expectations in restaurants go from levels of excellence to perfection. For Henry Service represents a way of living, He says, his respect for food and passion have taken him from learning how to cook well to recognize the difference between good and terrific wines and restaurants. He explains: it is a pleasure to serve food to people, I become my customer’s host for the time guests seat on my tables. My customers respect and appreciate that a lot. Service for me is anticipating and expediting the needs of the customer, it’s everything you would expect “AS” a customer yourself. Superb service can often salvage a mediocre dinning experience, but rarely can a superb meal be rescued by mediocre service. Henry’s rules of thumb and recommendations: – Make sure you learn and know very well the menu- Read the food section on major newspapers-If you want to please your guests forget the word “NOT” while working or serving- Customers come first, second and third. Henry’s short term goal is to inspire others to learn about knowledgeable and cordial service and his long future goal is to make the difference opening his own restaurant.
THE TABLE “Its not a surprise that the most important events take place around the dining table, dining is a long time pleasure tale of sharing food, family and friends” Chefs, Guest, Restaurants, and Food have a universal relationship and that’s the basic need to satisfy each other, the ability to comply with this prerequisite effectively will result in the gratifying pleasure of fulfillment and satisfaction..
Unique and super easy read! Pablo explains with such a simple manner how to enjoy wines as food and how to pair them with food. He explains wine service passionately at an excellence level, and from a fine dining and humble server’s perspective. This unique’s pairing and experience approach brings a fun but yet profound way to eat your wines with your food at the leisure of your own home with the people you love and respect. Finally he enforces the virtues habit of “Eating Wine Responsibly.”
I will take you by your hand to make sure you eat and drink well and are happy with your “experience” anywhere!