Good food is more than a concept, a feeling…a feeling so powerful as the freedom to choose! The most  innate and generous free gifts  from our creator. We choose what we like and what we don’t sometimes those tastes are inherited somehow by our parents and then comes our own assimilated tastes or products that we simply don’t like for one or other reason. Overall I have learnt to appreciate food by learning and being adventurous to different food products or flavors and textures. Overall we have the will power to create a strong sense of food, place and adventure by trying new techniques, flavors, foods, bottles, beverages, new styles etc, or simply let that feeling disappear with the wind and miss the opportunities.

You know your are eating good food when you taste again and again an amazing familiar meal or when you have discovered an amazing hole in the wall and you get a super happy feeling of fulfillment because YES…you have made your tummy happy.

To be more technical, a good meal is that one, that shares balance between tradition and technique. The are countless types and styles of cuisines and as a result many restaurants that you can give it a try. My passion is to take you by your hand and show you and explain the foods, menus, dishes, and also help you get better bottles. Of course the stories that come along with each one of them is the most important of the process. And also guide you and teach you how to make the best food , wine and table experiences right at your home.

SO let’s get ready and let me invite you and walk you through my wine cellar and my kitchen.


I have hand crafted these recipes and can replicate them on your table with an extra bonus: I will be cooking and serving myself.


I will take you by your hand to make sure you eat well and are happy with your “experience” anywhere!